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Planned Maintenance

GEN-TECH shall provide a report of work performed, overall condition of unit(s), and potential problems. Advisement/recommendation(s) for any repair and/or replacement items shall be provided under separate correspondence for said customer approval.

  1. General physical condition to include complete housing, mechanical & electrical systems.
  2. Cooling system to include pumps, pulleys, belts, hoses, radiator, jacket water heater, and coolant medium.
  3. Lubrication system to include hoses, oil lines, oil level, and oil sample. Lube oil filter(s) are cut open to inspect for debris.
  4. Air system to include piping and housing(s) restrictions, filter condition.
  5. Fuel system to include fuel lines, fuel tank integrity, filter condition fuel transfer system, governor and control linkage. Fuel filters are cut open to inspect for algae.
  6. Exhaust system to include silencer and piping, and exhaust manifold.
  7. Generator to include coupling and guards, exciter system and exciter air gap, main bearing condition/signs of overheating, and wiring.
  8. Starting system to include starter, batteries, battery cables, and alternator. Battery static and starting (cranking) voltages are recorded. Battery electrolyte level checked.
  9. Control Panel/Assembly to include start control and safety controls, remote annunciator and alarms, panel meters and switches.
  10. Main Breaker and Power Cables to include condition and connections.
  11. Transfer Switch to include Visual inspection, and operational checks.


Portable generator equipment checks (Trailer)

  1. Stabilizer bars and mounts condition.
  2. Trailer lights to include hook up vehicle and check all stop, signal, and running lights.
  3. Tongue Jack to include correct operation, condition of safety brake cabling, tow chains and hitch condition.
  4. General trailer physical condition to include access/storage compartments, tire condition and pressure.
  5. Accessory equipment to include stored safety items and required hardware, correct and current trailer registration. Genset load bank testing

This service will ensure the Customer an internally clean running engine, preventing carbon build up as well as testing peak performance of the governor, cooling system, turbo charger (if applicable), voltage regulator, alternator performance and engine horse power at optimum condition for Emergency service status.

Replacement of wear items recommended at two year intervals

  1. Genset hoses including radiator/coolant and jacket water heater hoses.
  2. Engine fan belts, alternator and accessory drive belts.
  3. Draining, flushing and recharging cooling system with fresh 50/50 coolant mixture.
  4. Replace lead acid starting batteries
  5. Refueling Services and Fuel Testing

Diesel and LPL Vapor fuel is available and can be delivered in a route format and/or isolated requirement.

Test (sample) fuel system for Bottom Sediment & Water, Condition, and

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