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Infrared Testing

The most popular service GEN-TECH offers is electrical switchgear testing.  Excess heat on electrical apparatus indicates electrical faults such as loose connections, overloaded circuits, faulty breakers, damaged switches and fuses.

Infared Testing PM is a scheduled service GEN-TECH provides to maintain and keep equipment in peak operating condition.  Infared Testing PM minimizes equipment malfunctions and failures. The result is an increased service life, reduced downtime and greater overall plant efficiency.

Thermal imagers are essential for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance on a  subtle level,  finding the  root cause which may be difficult or impossible to discern. Our Infared Testing provides a thermal image of the infrared energy, or heat, being emitted from the equipment.  By reviewing the thermal images of your equipment, repair/replace decisions become more effective, overall costs are reduced and equipment reliability is increases.

  1. Prevent Catastrophic Failures
  2. Reduce Downtimes
  3. Save Energy
  4. Reduce Preventable Failures

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