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Fuel Maintanance

When an excessive amount of water is found in the fuel tank system, it must be removed.
Draining the fuel is typically not an option on a fuel tank. Pumping the water out of the system is the best option.

Using a filtering system will filter contaminants off the bottom of the tank as well as remove water.

With this method, it is not necessary to waste the entire fuel supply. The fuel is separated, filtered and returned to the tank. After a major filtering of the fuel to remove water and contaminants, shock treatment of the fuel is usually recommended.

The use of additives for shock treatment will boost the cetane rating, reduce the microbial contaminants, protect against gelling and return the diesel fuel to full performance grade.

Initial cleaning and fuel treating will significantly improve the quality of the fuel. Proper fuel maintenance and follow up testing will prevent the problems from reoccurring.

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